Need help with World War II essay…about the liberation of the Philippines?

Need help with World War II essay…about the liberation of the Philippines?
Can someone please briefly explain what the liberation of the Philippines was and why it was important an important part of WWII?! Thanks!!!!

We were kicked out of the Philippines by the Japanese; MacArthur swore to return and indeed he did.

However, what do you mean by liberation? The Philippines was an American colony when it was taken, so it wasn’t liberated, just retaken from the Japanese.

Without the Philippines, we had no chance of defeating the Japanese in World War II. In the Pacific Theater, we developed the “island hopping” strategy or fighting the Japanese off each island which they had forcefully taken, since they were the only thing holding us from open conquest of the seas. Our navy and air force needed to control both the seas in order to choke off the Japanese from sending supplies to their island fortresses.

We needed to fight them off each island mainly to rid them from the seas and take from them the bases they attacked us from. We also needed to get closer to Japan and build air bases on those islands. For example, Iwo Jima was a bloody battle between the U.S. and Japanese. The fact that the island is close to the Japanese home islands gave us a direct and open link to bombing them into submission.

The Philippines gave us a huge base from which to ship men, supplies, and base warships to patrol the Pacific and protect our fleets while they launched attacks against the remaining islands under Japanese control.