need help writing a 500 word essay?

need help writing a 500 word essay?
so i need to write a 500 word essay about an act of kindness i did for someone … i’m seriously drawing a blank.. i mean i do little acts of kindness like holding the door for someone, helping with groceries etc.. but the problem is i dont know how to put it on paper… how do i start? i have never written an essay before so i have no idea where to start ,how to word it… i have trouble putting pen to paper so to speak .. help please it is 30% of my grade so its really important

Come up with a thesis.
Ist paragraph:
1. Write on a tangent, something kind of related to the thesis, but not entirely related. Then, bring it around to your thesis, and conclude the paragraph with the thesis.
The first paragraph will look like this: General Idea>Thesis statement.

Second-Fourth paragraph:
1. Come up with three topic sentences, supporting your thesis. Use the body of the paragraphs to support the thesis, tand the concluding sentence should be a summary of the topic sentence, as it relates to the thesis, and then should bring the thought around to the topic sentence of the next paragraph.
Fifth paragraph:
1. Topic sentence should be the thesis, restated and a short summary of the paper. Then, close with another general statement. The final paragraph should be the opposite of the first paragraph, thus: Thesis Statement>General idea

Don’t number the paragraphs, use bullets or spaces to mark the paragraphs. use indents to mark the beginning of a new paragraph. Brainstorm to come up with your thesis. The introduction may look like this:
“During the course of our life span as humans, we have the opportunity to perform good deeds to help further the cause of human development, and to promote the general well being of society. I have performed several acts of kindness, in hopes of being a better person.”
And then use the body to expound upon them. Don’t actually say “The thesis is blankety blank.”
Also, the general ideas are great to use as fillers. A long introduction, and a long conclusion. I used an entire page for my introduction on my latest paper, in college.