Need help writing a essay?

Need help writing a essay?
Need help writing a essay?
i have to write a essay teaching someone to do something. And i decided to teach someone to play an action adventure video game like god of war. I don’t know how to start off the introduction.

If the point of the essay is your ability to convey directions, I think it would be easier to pick something that many people can relate to.

Example: How to make a Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich

Your outline would be something like this….

1. Open the bread
2. Take out two slices
3. Open the jar of Peanut Butter

Then you would fill in all of the details….Instead of just Open the bread…say, When making a Peanut Butter sandwich, you first open your favorite variety of bread. Then, you take out the two freshest slices…etc…etc….

*of course you could also apply these detailed directions to god of war….just make sure to explain all of the little things that non-gamers wouldn’t know.

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