Need Help writing Graduate School Essay?

Need Help writing Graduate School Essay?
i am planning to go back to college for my masters and i need help in writing the easy for admission..where could i find help for it?

The purpose of the essay/statement of purpose/letter of intent is to convince the graduate admissions committee that you are an excellent candidate for admission to THAT program.

Here’s what you should include:

Your academic interests, and how your academic background suits you for further study of these interests. Be as specific as you possibly can, showing your familiarity with current theory and method in your intended area of study. Delineate your goals, too. (Do you intend to become a professor? a researcher? Do you want to work for an NGO or a nonprofit? Say so.)

If there are blemishes on your record, explain them. For example, if you were working 30 hours a week as an undergrad, this might help the committee understand a less-than-perfect GPA.

Be sure to include any information about you that cannot be found on your undergraduate transcripts (like awards, special projects you did, work experience related to your field of study, etc.)

Articulate your reasons for choosing THIS particular program. Show familiarity with the faculty and their fields of specialization. Don’t just list the faculty – specify with whom you’d like to work and why.

Mention your desire to be considered for teaching assistantships, research assistantships, or fellowships. But only briefly. Like once.

And for goodness sake, proofread. Statements/essays with spelling or grammatical errors go directly to the bottom of the pile.

(You didn’t ask about including a writing sample, but here’s my advice about that. Select something representative of your interests, and indicative of your abilities. Again, take the opportunity to show your facility with current method and theory. And please follow each program’s directions; if they ask for a 30 page writing sample, don’t submit a 15 page sample, and vice versa.)

Best wishes to you!