Need proofreading for my essay on To Kill A Mockingbird. 10 POINTS!!?

Need proofreading for my essay on To Kill A Mockingbird. 10 POINTS!!?
Hello!! I need help proofreading my eassy for To Kill A Mockingbird, I just wrote my conclusion paragraph and I haven’t had my teacher read it yet so I really need some help on that.. I really need an A on this ! Anyone who can proofread and correct errors in my essay will help me out alot.

Be as strict as necessary in your proofreading, I will not be mad!!

I won’t forget to choose best answer, thanks!!

“Lee’s characters show true courage throughout her characters” <-- That sentence is phrased awkwardly and I'm not exactly sure what you mean: the second "throughout her characters" is redundant, you don't need to explain yourself twice in one sentence. "This demonstrates that addictions are breakable through momentous courage" <-- I wouldn't use the word momentous in that sentence, I don't feel like it fits very well. I would exchange it for something like "tremendous". Even though Miss Maudie is in distress, by the catastrophe," <-- Get rid of the first comma so it looks like "Even though Miss Maudie is in distress by the catastrophe," so that it flows much better. "This reveals that the citizen's prejudice extending into the court room." <-- This sentence is grammatically incorrect. For example, you could change it to: "This reveals that the citizens' prejudice extends into the court room". Just as a thought, i'm not sure what your teacher's view on this is, but once you get into higher English classes in high schools and universities, you will be required to cite quotations directly in the essay itself. So, behind every quote, you have to put the last name of the author and page number is brackets. However, if she hasn't addressed this in class, then you shouldn't worry about it. I just thought I'd mention it for future reference. Other than a few small corrections, it looks like you have a pretty solid essay. You might not agree with my suggestions, which is totally fine. Everyone has different opinions.