Need to write a persuasive essay on why I should pass this class subject to teacher?

Need to write a persuasive essay on why I should pass this class subject to teacher?
I need it ASAP p.s she told me to write this

First, write an essay outline, then construct your essay based on the outline. The essay doesn’t have to be absolutely factual, just grammatically accurate and reasonably logical. Here is a made-up example of an outline, just to give you ideas on how to create one of your own. The introduction has a bit of a hook, just to help capture the teacher’s interest. I hope this outline helps you.


Title –
Why I Should Pass Miss Robinson’s History Class

I. Introduction
I know I’m not the world’s greatest student. I have a lot of flaws to work on. For example, sometimes I submit work past the deadline, I’m occasionally late for class, and I don’t always raise my hand. However, I still believe I should pass because I have put a lot of heart and soul into this class. I have a genuine interest in the subject matter, and I really care a lot about the class and how far it can get me in life. These are just a few of the reasons why I think I should pass the class.

II. This class is exactly what I should be taking.
A) I love this topic.
1. I study this topic on my own.
2. I can often be found in the library reading up on this topic.
B) In my own way, I’m an expert on this topic.
1. I might not follow the textbook, but I still know what’s going on.
2. I know facts and figures that other people might not know.

III. I really do have good study habits.
A) I don’t let myself be distracted.
1. I find a quiet room at home to study.
2. I don’t talk on the phone or watch TV while doing my homework.
B) I know the importance of media centers and libraries.
1. I know how to use the computer to find library books.
2. I know how to use the Internet, videos, and other resources for researching information.

IV. Conclusion
While it’s true that I’m never going to win any awards for Student of the Year, I am definitely a good candidate for Miss Robinson’s history class because there is more to my intelligence than I let on. I’m a very studious person when I want to be, and I really want to study hard for this class. I believe that if I’m given a chance, I will make both Miss Robinson and myself proud and happy that I took the class.