needs help on how to start an essay?

needs help on how to start an essay?
ok i have to write an essay about journeys and traveling
i know what i want to write but the problem is that i dont kno how to start it
i want to write about the obstacle i had faced in my life and how i overcame it
but i dont kno how to start my essay
any suggestions
i would gladly appreciate it

take a non-traditional approach. Look backwards. Write the decisions that actually helped you achieve your goal. As opposed to what might have been if you had choosen other avenues to take.

for instance, if I had not turned into that truck stop that night, and met that friendly waitress, when she needed a friend to talk to, I might not have arrived in Denver, and then I wouldn’t have found that newspaper at the gas station. If I hadn’t found the newspaper there, I wouldn’t have seen the article about the research program beginning at the state university. And woithout that knowledge, I never would have applied for that research grant, entered the graduate program or became a biologist.

Everyone has obstacles. If you fail at getting past them, they usually lead to alternative routes. Again, if you get waylaid there, you can usually find another venue to continue on with. Obstac;les are life’s way of seeing if you are up to the task. remember, nothing worthwhile comes easily. And if it doesn, you don’t have the full measure of appreciation and can just as easily lose what you have found. It is only what you have to strive for that you appreciate. A failure is only a wrong approach, not a mistake. Einstein once said that the definition of true insanity is to keep taking the same actions and expecting a different result. You however, change your strategy when your original ideas do not succeed. Probably more than you wanted to hear about nothing in particular but it’s late, it’s all I got, sorry.