Nervous for AP Psychology Exam?

Nervous for AP Psychology Exam?
what are the most common essay questions. i hear research methods are..what else?

i need atleast a 3. this was my first ap class and i am in my senior year. this class worked me and had prepared me somewhat for what college will be like. i am soo scared. there is so much information that needs to be remembered and when i restudy things i learned in the beginning of the year i just freak out. if i don’t pass it won’t affect me i guess, but it would be a waste of the 90 dollars i paid and i don’t want to take this course over because i hate learning certain things in psych and i want to get specific..i have a lot of pride and if i do bad than i’ll bruise my pride..i’d say ego, but i found out the word ego is being wrongly used. haha..anyways.i kinda feel like crap.

ok first u need to breathe. i know the test is on tuesday, im taking it too, but now you have all weekend to study. there are a lot of things you need to know.

One thing you need to do is review your vocabulary and your people. You need to know what each main person in psychology does, and what school of psych they are associated with (Pavlov-learning, freud-psychoanalysis, etc)
Thats a link of the main people you should know, they are all for the most part pretty important and any of them can be on the test.

You also should know that each section of the book (whther its cognitive, learning, intelligence, neuroscience, developmental, etc) is going to make up around 6-8% of the test. But social psych is the most at 7-9%, especially since the people that make the test are mostly social psychologist. So make sure you know all that info.

Another helpful tool, is to take a diagnostic test to see how prepared you are. There is a PERFECT one on sparknotes that will tell you what score you will probably get and what sections you need to work on.
You have to make an account, but its sooooooo helpful.

Good luck, eat before your test, and don’t stress out.