nonviolent civil disobedience/Gandhi?!?

nonviolent civil disobedience/Gandhi?!?
What is nonviolent civil disobedience, and why did Gandhi believe this would work ????

civil disobedience was a essay written by Henry David Throeau which said defy the government by being passive kinda like the pen is mightier than the sword. That essay in my opinion is fantastic but inspired martin luther king and Gandhi. By doing this passive movement it exposed the evils of the british and inhanced the innocence of the hindu people. He also did this to make peace between muslims and hindus. and his movment helped dramaticly against the british but with the hindu and muslim peace he had to starve himself to find some sort of border line between them he believed he failed with that part. so it did work it worked then and worked during the civil rights movement this is why Martin Luther King had a bigger impact rather than Malcom X because his approach was violence. haveing a passive non violent approach to everythin g can save you in random situations.