Northwestern University IL students>?

Northwestern University IL students>?
I was wondering if you got accepted in Northwestern University, what types of extracurriculars did you particiapte in? And how do you show that to colleges? I mean do they tell you to write them all down as a list or something?????any help would be great.

I would suggest finding one or two things and doing them really well. For me, that was a sport (tennis), although you can get involved in any of the clubs in your school. It could also help if your activities showed some correlation with your interests (i.e. robotics club if you’re applying to McCormick). Leadership positions in clubs help. I’ve heard research is good for future doctors/scientists but I never really did any. Hopefully you can list a afew awards.

NU is a common app school so you will list your EC’s and time commitments, and you have a 150 word essay about your ECs. You might consider writing your main commonapp essay on an EC as well. Try not to be cliche…I think they (adcoms) will be more interested in the importance of what you’re doing is more than what you’re actually doing.

NU has an essay about why you want to go to NU (at least it did last year), so if you do a good job on that it will make it appear like you are really interested. Research the school so you say more than “oh, I really want to live by Chicago.”

tell me if you want anything more, although I can’t promise I’ll check this again

NU is a great school though and I hope you get in! =)