nursing essay for priare view?

nursing essay for priare view?
if i can get a sample

Prairie View A&M University ???

First, by all means use spell check or, even better, get someone who is literate to review your essay before you send it in.

Introduce yourself. [Example: I am Mary Jones. I was born in Houston, Texas 18 years ago to Mike and Laura Jones. My educational background has been Houston public schools.]

Tell why you are applying to Prairie View A&M Nursing College [ My mother has been a certified nursing assistant for 20 years and taught me to care for people with health problems in a compassionate and professional manner.]

Explain any particular interest you have. [Through my mother, I have learned how important care of the elderly is. Or – For years I have been fascinated by the work that emergency room nurses perform. Or explain whatever your interest is].

Close with a request that they consider your application favorably.

Good luck to you – this is a great profession, with great respect, and the pay is adequate. You will never be out of work for long.