NYU, Ohio State, Maryland, Delaware, and more…chances please?

NYU, Ohio State, Maryland, Delaware, and more…chances please?
I’m applying to a bunch. I love college searching and working on applications, for some reason. It’s a lot of fun.

Emory U
Fordham U
George Washington U
Millersville U
Ohio State — Columbus
Penn State
U of Delaware
U of Maryland
U of Southern California
U of Washington

Public School student going into senior year
Caucasian Female
3.81 UW GPA
1st Decile (class of around 600)
State: Pennsylvania (booo!)

SAT – 1950
CR – 650
M – 630
W – 670 (10 on essay)

German – 570 (taking at least two more so this one can be forgotten)


-National Honor Society
-won second place at the German Fallfest Competition at Millersville University
-scored in the 85 percentile on the AATG German exam
-vocal ensemble club during ninth grade
-Quizbowl during tenth grade
-working as a cashier at a supermarket for almost a year
– treasurer of Student Historians club at my school
-worked with special needs kids and helped them do crafts/helped organize activities for them to do (during school for the past two years)
-“Walking Tour”…about to be a tour guide for the elementary school kids for the second year in a row. I take them to different historically significant landmarks in our town and explain why they’re important.
-Civil War Reenacting in Gettysburg for the past four years

APs: 11th grade I took Stat and got a 3 on the test (I suck at math). 12th grade I’m taking Economics, Biology, German, and American History

Other classes: Honors for everything except science, plus I dropped from honors to accelerated math.

Recs: should be good

Essays: Decent-ish

Major: Undeclared

Anything you know about my chances at any of those colleges, or anything you can tell me about applying would be much appreciated.

Emory U: Match
Fordham U: Safety
George Washington U: Saety
Millersville U: Huge safety
NYU: Match/reach
Ohio State — Columbus: Safety
Penn State: Safety
U of Delaware: Huge safety
U of Maryland: Huge safety
U of Southern California: Match
U of Washington: Safety

I would definitely recommend applying to some reach schools. Your SAT score is a bit low (you should really break 2100 for the best schools) but you have a great resume otherwise, so it might not hurt you very badly.
For reaches, I would recommend UC Berkeley, Tufts, Brown, Northwestern, Pomona, and Haverford.
You have a lot of safeties, which you could cut from your list. I would recommend taking off some of the major safeties and keeping just 2 or perhaps 3.
Good luck! You’re in a very good place for acceptance to very good schools.