Ok, how to write essay/story/sutff longer?

Ok, how to write essay/story/sutff longer?
when I write stuff for school, they are usually certain page/word count that i have to get to, and my question is that how do I make them longer? anyone has any tips? the more the better! thanks!

First of all, you have to understand that teachers and professors were all students at one time or another, so those childish tricks involving font sizes, margins, and false double spacing are null.

What you need to focus on instead is how to increase your writing skills. You have to be able to get points across with detailed explanations and solid examples. A large vocabulary also helps because you are able to boost up the amount of words in a sentence. You also want to be more descriptive by adding adjectives and adverbs. Your assignment should answer all questions thoroughly and in a manner that would leave no question in a reader’s mind. Also, act as if you teachers knows nothing of the subject either. That will force you to be more descriptive.

All in all, you will be able to write more if you understand basic grammar rules, sentence styles, and if you increase your vocabulary. It really is not all that difficult to do.

In fact, I did put some of my advice into practice within this answer alone. Notice how I could have just as easily said what I have said in a more concise manner. Sometimes it really just boils down to writing a lot and saying very little, but be careful since teachers are aware of that too.