Opinion Essay Topic Help?

Opinion Essay Topic Help?
Need a easy topic to write about help

Here is a list of opinion essay topics:
(Good luck on your paper! I hope this list of topics was helpful.)

—What, in your opinion, are some of the reasons so many people have pets? Discuss.
—Is too much emphasis placed on grades in our educational system? Explain your opinion.
—Each year, many teenagers run away from home. What do you think are the chief causes? Explain your opinion.
—Should sex education be taught in public schools? Why or why not? What is your opinion on this?
—“Television has made America a nation of watchers, not doers.” Agree or disagree. Explain your opinion.
—What, in your opinion, are the essential characteristics of an effective leader? Discuss.
—Do you think that sports help develop good character? Discuss.
—Explain the chief reasons why you think students drop out of high school. Explain your opinion.
—Is, in your opinion, romantic love a good basis for marriage? Discuss.
—Should children be disciplined by physical punishment? Discuss.
—Whether we want them or not, many of us get tagged with one or more nicknames during our lives. Discuss your opinion of the positive and/or negative aspects of the practice of nicknaming.
—Whom would you identify as a truly wise person? What makes him or her seem wise to you? Explain your opinion.
—Americans generally condemn daydreaming as a waste of time. Do you agree with this view, or do you see some benefits of daydreaming? Discuss.
—More and more people are seeking plastic surgery for purely cosmetic reasons. Why, in your opinion, are so many people willing to accept the costs and risks of this kind of surgery?
—Explain why you think so many people get the holiday blues.
—In your opinion, are people in the U.S. overly concerned about being thin? Discuss.
—Americans are fast becoming the most overweight people in the world. To what do you attribute this trend? Explain your opinion.
—In your opinion, should animals be used in medical research? Discuss.
—What do you think can be done to improve the treatment of the elderly?
—What, in your opinion, can be done to make the public more aware of the dangers of drinking and driving?
—What, in your opinion, was the most useless invention of the twentieth century? Explain.
—Do you think a person’s looks affect his or her success in the job market? Discuss your opinion of why or why not.
—What, in your opinion, should be done to reduce the problem of homelessness in the U.S.?