Parents won’t let me do ANYTHING!!!?

Parents won’t let me do ANYTHING!!!?
And when I say they won’t let me do anything, I mean they won’t let me do ANYTHING. Here’s an actual list of things they won’t let me do: (btw I’m a 15 yr old girl)
1. Use pads or tampons (I bleed ALL OVER my underwear and jeans and everyone at school can see)
2. Eat anything good (for lunch I have to eat a salad and for dinner I have to eat cooked broccoli and spinach ALL DAY EVERYDAY. I’ve never had ice cream, candy, cookies, or anything else like that before in my entire LIFE.)
3. Eat breakfast (they say it affects my eating pattern)
4. Research stuff for my projects (I have essays and stuff I have to do, and I need to look things up on the internet, but my parents won’t let me get on it because they think I’m watching porn or something, and even when I tell them to stand next to me while I research, they say no!!)
5. Join clubs/sports in high school (they say I don’t need to do all that stuff)
6. They beat me up everyday after school.
7. Look through my things in my room (even my diary!!)
8. Wear a bra (not even a training bra or tank tops!!)
There are probably a lot of other things they won’t let me do, but these are just the main things. What can I do?! I can’t take this anymore 🙁 And I do exactly what they say, and I’m in honors/AP classes and get A’s and B’s on my report card.
P.S. The only reason I got to ask this question was because I got on my little sister’s iPad.
Thanks in advance!

I think the only thing you can do is get outside help. A lot of the things your parents are keeping you from having or doing are very necessary to your health and well being.They are depriving you of important educational resources as well. You could consult an adult you trust. Also, if your parents beat you, you may want to call Child Protective Services.

P.S. It seems as if your little sister is more free and gets more privileges than you if you had to use her ipad. Why aren’t they treating her the same?