Penn supplemental essay?

Penn supplemental essay?
I’m applying to Penn this fall and I need to write the “why Penn” essay. I need to write about a specific research opportunity at the College of Arts and Sciences at Penn. Is there a website that I can find all of their research opportunities because I have looked online and could find nothing.

Also, if anyone knows of any research at Penn pertaining to marine mammals or canines, that would be very helpful.


I did my PhD at Penn. Does the application ASK you to write about a “specific” research opportunity there? Because frankly, of course you wouldn’t necessarily know about one until you enrolled and got to know the professors and they you. Most undergraduate research is going to be carried out by upperclassmen anyway. It could be years before you really had any opportunities.

I suggest you identify some professors in the areas that interest you. You can do that by going to departmental websites and looking at professors and their research areas. You can write about your interest in marine mammals or dogs (you could mention, vis-à-vis dogs that you hope to have some opportunities at least to observe work at the Vet School) and explain that you are particularly hopeful that you’ll have a chance to work with such-and-such a professor.

The site below offers information about undergraduate research at Penn. I think it’s mostly about the kinds of fellowships and grants that are available, but it should give you an idea of the sorts of things undergraduates can do. Look at the entire thing, because you might stumble across something relevant on it.