persuading essays…?

persuading essays…?
Write an argumenative essay in which you seek to persuade your reader of the following pint of veiw ” only healthy food should be sold in school tuckshops” … your essay you should include persuasive techniques.

i dont want you to write an essays just to tell me why and how…etc……..

First, any essay is more persuasive when all its words are spelled correctly. USE SPELL CHECKER.
(argumentative, point of view, essay…)

Make a list of reasons why ‘Selling healthy food in school tuckshops is a good thing.’ Most of your essay will consist of stating these points and elaborating on them. For example: ‘Healthy food provides better nutrition, which means fewer sick days! which means better attendance! more learned! better grades! better job, higher income! (you could really beat a point to death this way; it’s up to you how far to go with each.)

Also, make a list of points why ‘Selling healthy food in school tuckshops is a BAD thing.’ Short list, I know, but make it. You’ll pick some of these to use: State a point (“healthy food costs more”), then beat it to death with counter-arguments (“but, with junk food, we have sicker students, more absenteeism, poorer grades, less education, more crime, etc….what about the costs of THOSE?”) This way, it looks like you TRIED to be fair, but the other argument was just too weak!

That’s all I can think of. Good luck, and have fun.