Persuasive Essay!!!!!!!?

Persuasive Essay!!!!!!!?
What are some good interesting ideas for a persuasive essay?

persuade the reader.
The war, any war, why you’re life is/n’t good, proving or disproving a subject (my favorite thing to do was to think of an idea so irrational, like why the US should nuke the rest of the world, and support it. I convinced the teach 🙂 ). Just read a Newsweek and find an article that you like, support it.
put emotion in it. back up your reader. make everything, not only the thesis, but the entire essay. make it flow. express yourself. force yourself to interested the topic. I’m sure you’ve done those stupid warm-ups in English. Most teachers make it actual work, but it should be stuff like tell me what you see in this picture, those kind of thing. So, do those types of exercises and it will provoke the type of thought needed to write an effective essay. Also, answer questions on here, that is a type of warm-up exercise