Persuasive essay beginning sentence?

Persuasive essay beginning sentence?
I’m writing a persuasive essay, persuading my school that we should have an end of the year fundraiser to help raise money to go to the people in Berma who just got hit by the cyclone. I want a catchy beginning sentence, but I’m not sure how to start my essay off. Does anyone have a good sentence I could start my essay of with? THANK YOU 🙂

I never write the intro paragraph or sentence first. It will be strongest if you wait until you have written some of your ideas and have a better idea about the direction your paper is going. I promise you! This website helped me a lot:

When you do get there though, I would make a dramatic statement about the plight of the people in Burma and how as future globally conscious citizens it is our right and responsibility to so compassion in whatever capacity we can….blah blah blah….something about how even though we are really far away, we have to try to reach out to understand a pain we will never experience….or….something about how we have to break the cycle of turning a blind eye and who better to do it than students.

Good luck on your essay!