Persuasive Essay HELP!?

Persuasive Essay HELP!?
I need to write a persuasive essay. The topic is to persuade people to look at their clothing labels and refuse to buy clothes made in sweatshops. I need to know how to write an extremely attracting conclusion about this subject!
Thank you.

May be you should put a face to the sweatshops…example…when you look at your clothing label picture the small child sitting there hours on end, not being able to play like most children do, they don’t get to eat but one meal a day,Or that what they are paid for making the garment is what you may pay for a piece of bubble gum. Picture the faces of the women who are forced to work 22 hours out of every day, only to live in constant fear that if they get injured on the job get thrown out into the street like an unwanted animal and loose their only means for supporting their families. Maybe if people stopped buying those products made in such horrendous conditions that hopefully they would start providing decent working conditions and salaries. And above all else, let kids be KIDS!!!!

Hope that helps