Persuasive Essay Help?

Persuasive Essay Help?
I am writing a persuasive essay for English and needed a little help. My topic is whether celebrities should be role models or not. I need to creative ideas on how to start and end the essay, I was instructed not to start with a question. Also, any topics for either side would be amazing. Thank You ♥

ok, assuming you know how persuasive essay should look like i suggest you start with the statement…sth like “All of us have grown up admiring and idealizing at least one celebrity, be that an actor, singer or any other person famous for their job in showbiz. What we do not ask our self in the adolescence is whether our idols are really persons we should look up to. Usually when people get older do they realize that their role model at the time was not really a person they would like their children to idealize. Nevertheless, should celebrities be role models or not is a question worth debating.” that would be an introduction paragraph…later on you can follow by debating that celebrities are often too preoccupied with their careers and problems to care too much about their image in public which sometimes leads to them looking as bad persons, or that celebrities should be role models bcs even their mistakes are watched all around the world they try to stay strong and do their job professionally while maintaining family relations…or that they shouldn’t be role models bcs most of them lives the “sex, drugs and rock’n’roll” lifestyle …or that most of them is not highly educated due to starting careers early…there is plenty opportunities. good luck 😉