Persuasive Essay!! How to start one?

Persuasive Essay!! How to start one?
How would i start an essay on child abuse? im not very good at essays : (

A persuasive essay is the same thing as an argumentative essay. Your task is to convince the people reading your work that your viewpoint is more legitimate than another.

As the other posters mentioned, the first thing that you need to do is narrow down your essay topic. You have the theme (child abuse) but you really need to pick a particular area to focus on. It’s not really enough to say ‘child abuse is bad’, as that’s too obvious and won’t give you a lot of room to work with when you write your essay.

Consider a bigger issue within your theme. For example, you could argue that ‘children who are abused by their parents should be removed from the family home and placed in foster care’. You don’t necessarily have to agree with the perspective you are arguing – the point is that you have to argue one way or the other. You could choose to argue that they SHOULD be removed from the family, or alternatively, you could argue that they SHOULDN’T be removed from the family.

The next thing that you have to do is research your chosen issue. So using the above example, you might decide to argue that they shouldn’t be removed from the family. You would then need to back up your argument with valid points as to why they shouldn’t be removed. You might suggest that counselling and therapy would be a better option, as taking the child away from the family could do them more harm emotionally in the long run.

Argue each point you make, and don’t forget to address the other perspective as well. For example, you might say ‘some people may argue that it is better for the child to stay at home with their parents, but ………’

Don’t forget to back up any arguments you make with research.

Good luck 🙂

Oh, it’s also good to start off your essay with interesting/emotive facts.

For example:

“Did you know that every day in ____________ (the country you are from), ________________ (number) children are the victims of child abuse?”

Shocking statistics and facts engage the reader, and make them want to know more about your chosen topic.