persuasive essay ideas?

persuasive essay ideas?
what would be a good topic for a persuasive essay im in 8th grade thanks

Well, if you have to write a persuasive essay it would be good to pick a topic about which you have an opinion…preferably a strong one. So ask yourself what do you feel strongly about? It can be anything so long as you can argue your corner…..pocket money, designer labels, world peace, famine, parent’s rules, school rules, doggy doo in the park., why can’t I have a 48” flat screen and unlimited internet in my room ?…anything!!!

OK if nothing comes to mind think about the last argument you had with your best friend, brother/sister, parent(s) re- live it and write it….censored of course….protect the guilty at all costs.

OK still nothing? Well then, what do you know enough about to write an essay? Argue with yourself if necessary and get writing.

Remember, basically what they are looking for is your ability to write an essay with good, clear English; with correct spelling and grammar and a beginning, a middle and an end…you don’t have to be J. K. Rowling or Socrates.

If all else fails imagine trying to persuade me that watching a film is better than reading the book.