Persuasive Essay topic? Please help. Suggestions?

Persuasive Essay topic? Please help. Suggestions?
I need to have a persuasive essay for my english class. The thing is I’m completely stumped on what the topic should be. Suggestions much obliged.

A Case against Drugs and Alcohol

For the past many years the world has suffered when it comes to drugs and alcohol. They have lead to many problems and destroyed many lives due to being legal in many countries. Drugs and alcohol should be exclusively banned in Canada. Most common problems related to drugs and alcohol are crime, health conditions and family hardship.

Crime is one of the most serious consequences of drugs and alcohol. First, victims of drugs and alcohol often perform acts such as robbery because they do not think properly due to there addiction to the substance. Victims often after committing minor crimes in order to receive the substance can perform serious crimes such as murder. This is because they are desperate for the substance and seeking the right way is often neglected. Second, when people drink excessive amounts of alcohol they are not in complete control of there actions. Drunk driving is one of the common acts people perform and can lead to accidents, major casualties, life imprisonment and a guilty conscious. Finally, victims who are desperate for more drugs can become customers to drug dealers. Drug dealers who see this as an opportunity to earn money sell drugs to these victims and this leads to more drug dealing which funds more destruction. Thus, crime is one of the most serious consequences of drugs and alcohol.

Health conditions are often among the first problems that drugs and alcohol cause. First of all, drugs and alcohol can lead to addiction which itself is a disease and the situations worsens by leading the victims to take more variety of substances that can cause injuries. Second, drugs and alcohol can lead to various health conditions such as liver and lung cancer which can act as a gate way for other diseases and conditions that can cause fatalities. Finally, certain drugs such as steroids which seem to have amazing results on the human body can actually cause worse conditions such as liver and several cancers that reduce the human body to an unhealthy state. In conclusion, health conditions are often the first problems that drugs and alcohol offer.

Family hardship can be the most tragic conditions drugs and alcohol cause. To begin, drugs and alcohol can lead to domestic abuse which includes acts such as child, spousal and even self-abuse. Domestic abuse can lead to break ups in a relationship which often cause other conditions such as mental illnesses and eventually more use of the substance. Another situation that drugs and alcohol can lead to is financial problems. Victims can often become broke and suffer much more than they have in the past because the cost of these substances is often expensive and due to the victims addiction they are helpless without therapy and can suffer financially. Victims may not pay attention to important financial situations such as the needs of their families. Finally, drugs and alcohol can lead to cycle of problems within and outside of families. When parents in a family are victims, their children often are abused which causes the children to grow old with underdeveloped ethics that can cause them to commit crimes. As a result, family hardship can lead to the most tragic conditions that drugs and alcohol cause.

Thus, fight against drugs and alcohol should continue as it will reduce situations such as crime, health problems and financial hardship. Countries should consider banning drugs and alcohol for a better future as well as parents should keep a look out for their children in order to make sure they do not use these substances. Drugs and alcohol are one of the most common problems that people face and by illegalizing them many lives can be saved.