persuasive essays about boxing?

persuasive essays about boxing?
im trying to write a persuasive essay about how boxing is a good sport any one willing to help

Ok Jay . Boxing is a sport that you do alone your friends can’t help you it is something you do because you really want to do it. Boxing requires you to really pay attention and to focus on the task at hand. When beginning boxing you start with getting in physical shape. You have to be strong just to compete. After you have built your body , and stamina up to the point you can spar for three rounds with out stopping you are on your way to becoming a boxer.You will learn to respect others in this sport because you know that the guys you are competing against are just like you and want the same thing you want and that is to be the best.In boxing as in life you get out exactly what you put into it. If you cheat on your work outs you are only hurting your self. Boxing is also known as the truth sport because the truth always comes out one way or the other.You will travel and fight against guys in there home towns you may even get a chance to travel out side of the country. You will get your name in the news papers and you may get a chance to fight on national tv You will meet new life long friends and rub shoulders with the best in the game.Your self esteem will be very high but not cocky. You will learn how to set goals and attain them. You will learn how to eat and rest properly. The dedication and discipline you will learn in boxing will serve you through out your life.Good luck GPA 3.88