persuassive essay help!!?

persuassive essay help!!?
hi i need help on how to do a persuassive essay my topic is about economics and im having a hard time figuring out why is the gas raising up and why is the food also raising up also why do people are losing their jobs and their houses

Gas is going up because the price of oil is going up (over $100). Part of that is because the dollar is worth less than other currencies right now and oil is bought and sold in dollars.

Food is transported, thus gas prices also affect food prices. However, another point is ethanol. I’ll let you research the relationship between ethanol and food prices for yourself.

Finally, the jobs are fairly stable. However, people are losing their houses because they took out variable mortgages that allowed the interest rates to go up. So, when you bought your house, you might have paid $1,000 a month; now it’s $2500 a month. You should look up the mortgage crisis also.