photo essay introduction help!?

photo essay introduction help!?
here, i am writing a photo essay and i’ve finally came up with the idea of not writing what is “obviously seen” on the picture. i mean, like a picture of a group dancing on stage, instead of focusing on the “dancers” themselves, i would focus on something not so obviously seen like an audience in a corner with his/her reaction, like that. i want to write something that is somehow different and not everyone would expect.

i have my paragraphs, the descriptions, the only problem is introduction. i’ve mentioned the idea.. could anyone suggest an inviting introduction?

thanks a lot everyone!

Photography is not just about what is seen, but also about who is doing the seeing.
While the dancers are drawing the attention of the photographer, they are also drawing the attention of anyone else who is present at the time; how are all the other participants in this ‘viewing experience’ reacting to and being affected by what they see?

I was once engaged in my pro capacity to photograph everything at a soccer game except the game itself. It was great fun and made a pleasant change.

Good luck, and keep seeing things in your own way.