Photographic Essay Ideas?

Photographic Essay Ideas?
I am in a contest where I have to make a photo essay, but I’m stuck. I have no idea what to do it on, or even what to put in my essay. I wanted to do something unique, something that make you think of an everyday thing (not necessarily an object) in a different way. My essay has to be 3-5 photos, and no more than 100 words, so it can’t be very long.

Apart from ideas, what should I have in my essay? (This might sound like a stupid question, but I over-think everything)

Thank you.

only 3-5 photos will be tough.
do you know a unique person?
someone who does something visually interesting maybe?
how about a club? I did a photo essay on a pool league once.
it could be on weather, I live in MN and it snowed yesterday, it changed the outlook of the day for many people.
it could be about a simple activity such as bicycling, find bicyclists, photograph them and interview them about why they ride, for recreation, transportation, health reasons or environmental.
it could be about a unique store, maybe a small record store or a thrift shop.
best of luck sounds like fun.