Please check my essay…………………………….?

Please check my essay…………………………….?
Here is my essay. Before reading it I want you to check these things in my essay
1] Grammar & Spelling
2] Logic
3] Expression
4] Vocabulary
5] Essay’s matter & style
The topic is: Should we keep secrets or not?
My title:
Should we keep it?

Secrets are hidden information or facts unknown to people. It can be told to a best friend, parents, high government officials and/or scientists. Secret is classified in to different types. These are personal, national, international, and natural. By studying then we conclude that everyone keeps a secret/s. But some secrets are having bad impacts as well. It does not matter whether you are keeping or have told it. Secrets have good and bad impact as well.

Most of us have personal secrets. Teenagers are super-stars in guarding secrets. They do not inform about their lover. Unless it has no indecency, the secret is lovely. However, secrets for hiding failed exam results, crime or poisonous intake of food are very painful indeed. It hurts their parents. As a result the teenager becomes more depressed. Parents do keep secrets as well. In case it is regarding fraud, crime or failure they would be hurt by their infants. On the other hand, when they bring up an orphan and later tell him about his adoption. Then s/he gets upset. Hereafter, s/he feels their step parent’s love. Sometimes we meet people looking rich because the live lavishly! Unfortunately, that is not the case because they are in a state of poverty.

In a democratic country, the candidates would often vote a wrong leader. Because initially he appeared to be successful. Well in reality none of the community knows if he is innocent. Good leaders pretend to be bad but they contribute a lot for their nation. Bad leaders pretend to be good and spread crime and corruption in the country. But in both conditions they keep secrets. Who knows about foreign countries? They are spies. To win a war they would send spies where those enemies would be. Truthful, foreign nations (god knows if they available) will help their allies. They will show the criminals hide outs and routes.

Some facts are related to the nature. We know less about the space, planets and its living organisms. Not only is this even earth unknown to us. Diseases and living organisms are not yet researched.

To sum up, secrets have good as well as bad impacts. Secondly, keeping light hear t makes living easier. Tell those secrets which you have already done, to parents, closest friends, high government officials and scientists, Secret-keeping is fun indeed but is painful if it hurts others.
P.S: The above essay is not a homework but simply my daily practise. So please check it.
And please give me an explanation if you find it boring. So that I could know a better information!!!
I would award you 20 points for good checking!

You have several spelling and grammatical errors, like to in the first paragraph should be two.
All of your sentences sound extremely awkward and I’m almost confused about what you’re trying to tell me.
It sounds like you are not very good with English based on your phrasing and sentence structure.
You also make several assertions and do not back them up, like all foreign countries are spies? Good leaders pretend to be bad?
Do not use so many /. For example, you cannot say “s/he” you must say “he or she.”
You do not address the prompt directly. You do not tell me whether you think we should keep secrets or not, you only tell me that people do keep secrets. But that is not what the prompt was asking.