Please help me on my Macbeth essay?

Please help me on my Macbeth essay?

I have to write an essay on the downfall of Macbeth, I have to include how he was a ‘Brave soldier’ and ‘Valiant cousin’ at the start of the play and then I have to explain nearly everything from meeting the witches, the letter to Lady Macbeth, killing king Duncan and Banquo all the way to the end where he becomes a ‘dead butcher’

Please help me! A basic outline of what to put in each paragraph? Tips and Hints? Anything that would help I would really appreciate it.

Thanks xxx

You want to pick out good quotes, then analyze. A basic outline would be:
Hook, introduction paragraph, Thesis. (your thesis answers the prompt. Macbeth, the tragic hero, transforms from X to Y to Z. or something)

Body paragraph: topic sentence. Introduce quote. “Quote” (cite page #). Translate (what does it mean). Analyze (why does it prove your point). Conclude (link to your topic sentence). Transition. Repeat with at least one more quote. Concluding sentence.

Repeat with 2/3 more body paragraphs

Conclusion: Restate Thesis (in different words). Summarize your paragraphs. Link to the modern world/ what does it mean for us today? End with a clincher.

As for the topics that you use, I would advise using one paragraph to prove how he’s a good commander and cousin in the beginning, another to show his temptations leading him to darkness, and another to show what he’s become, and the evil things he does like killing innocent children.

There, that should give you enough to go off of. What, you didn’t think I would do your homework for you, did you? 😉