please help me with my essay?

please help me with my essay?
The criminal justice system

According to my professor, “Eating, sleeping, and playing computer.” are some of the activities that the criminal usually do in the jail. They live as happy as the people outside of the jail. That’s why I believe that the criminal justice system does not function well. So, the criminal justice system should give to the violent criminal longer prison sentences, let them work for the government, and reform them while they are in prison.

Many prisoners are released from the prison and later, they make the crime, and then return to the prison. I think we should castigate them by putting them in prison for the longer time. If they return to prison again, we will give them longer prison sentences. Another thing is we can’t just let them live a happy live in the prison, and doing nothing there, but eating, sleep, and playing. So, the criminal justice system must let them work in the prison, so they will pay for the crime that they made. And the important thing is the criminal can become good people if we reform them while they are still in jail. We have to educate them by teaching them true and false.

In conclusion, the criminal sometimes return to the prison, but if the Criminal Justice System put them in jail longer time, let them work, and educate them while they are in jail. Then, I believe they will be rehabilitated and change into good citizens for our society, even the world.

The people who find themselves in jail, are the ones who continuously make bad life choices. It is not always about rehabilitation, some are born others are raised to think that their life is “normal” and that they are “functional.”
Rarely if ever are we actually born “equal.” Either due to a slowing of synaptic response or because our parents made bad life decisions.
When Jefferson wrote The Declaration of Independence, he wrote of freedom. Most who’ve read this document misunderstand and do not think through to its conclusion the true meaning of “Freedom.” The freedom of which Jefferson wrote, is of finance. Let’s face it, the more money one has, the more freedoms one has — the more options from which to choose. Not everyone is born with a select choice of great options.
Rehabilitation is education and education is money. At some point as a law abiding citizen, you have to stop and ask “To what end?” If you were to enlist in either the Navy or Marine Corps, there is a strong likelihood that at some point in your career, you will find yourself aboard a transport ship and you will suddenly learn the true meaning of overcrowding. And you will find also that you have no recoursive action, no advocacy group.
If you wish to get ahead in life, you will need higher education. Those incarcerated, will be given ample opportunity to gain such education. Those in the service of their country, will have to really go the extra mile to attain it and those in the civilian sect will have to pay out of pocket. Where is the justice?
This country already has invested a great deal into a universal education system. A system paid for with tax dollars. Everyone is required by law to attend, yet while some excel, others lag behind. Why? The faculty of each school, while diverse in their educational backgrounds, have all met a state sponsored minimal standard. The teachers have always been the primary target for any failures in their classrooms, yet I tell you truly, blame the parents. Upon graduation, there should have attained a marketable skill and a clear understanding that your life is yours to do with as you please.
As a society, we have laws by which we all agree to abide. This is what allows us to be a Society. For those who choose to operate outside those laws, we have prisons. And, within those prisons, are societies with their own unique laws. Given the education system povided, how much more are we citizens to be held accountable for those who make bad life decisions? Have we not paid enough already? Let them rot.