please help me write an essay over fear.?

please help me write an essay over fear.?
this is what i have so far.

Fear is an unpleasant often strong emotion caused by anticipation or awareness of danger. Fear is something that everyone has to deal with, fear is fear itself. Everyone has their own fears but no matter how you look at it we all overcome are fears eventually.

Draw a mind map and brainstorm. The word ‘fear’ can mean a lot of things. Put ‘fear’ on the centre of a page and draw a bubble around it. Draw branches around it as ideas come to you. Your essay must mean something to you, and must largely be your own work!
I like your start, how you introduced the surface meaning of fear. Now you need to go into a little detail. Maybe include an anectode – an instance in your life where you actually fought fear itself? What happened? What did you learn from this experience?
Isn’t it interesting how people have played with this element for thousands of years? Horror movies and horror stories are so popular. Why do people pay money to get scared, if fear is unpleasant? And have you noticed that fear always concerns the future? We can never be scared about what happens in the past, at this moment.
What about phobias? Why are these deep-seated fears so extreme?
Isn’t fear always about the unknown?
Those are just some ideas. Try not to make your essay vague or passive – make it into something that interacts with whoever reads it…that’s when it’s enjoyable. For example, “It’s dark and you’re alone in the house. You’re trying to watch TV but there’s a small, disturbing noise that you hear every now and then. Your hearbeat quickens, your breath deepens, and the hair on your neck stand up. You’re sure something is behind you. All of a sudden you’re shivering and your eyes dart all around you, terrified that an icy hand is going to creep up your neck. You’re experiencing FEAR.”
Good luck, I’m sure you’ll do great!