Please help me!!!About a ‘friend’!!!?

Please help me!!!About a ‘friend’!!!?
I have a twin sister and we had been going to school together…so in junior high we met this girl who was in our class and we became friends…then things weren’t so good so we kinda dump her(i don’t mean it like that we just stop hanging out with her and we started hanging out with some other girls..)but that’s not the point…

Then in the 9th grade we became friends again(at least we thought of her as our best friend)anyway in high school we were still friends but generally she wasn’t treating us right…she was like the boss to us and we had to do whatever she wanted or else she would get mad and don’t talk to us for a day or something…we had some other friends out of school but whenever we were telling her that we were gonna hanging out with them she was saying that she wanted to come with us, but we didn’t want to so we had not to go out with the others so that we could be with her or we lied to her(saying that we were staying home)and went out with the others…that was very annoying!!generally she made us be without any other friends(at school the other students were talking behind our backs about her and everything)so we didnt have any other friends!!!

Anyway to make this story short, all these had been going on for almost 3 years…Oh and I forgot to say that my sister started self-harming(you know cutting herself)because of her(with all the pressure, to lie to her, her bossing us etc.)

So in May we decided to write her a letter saying all these things that we had been going through all these years because of her and to end this ”friendship”here (that time my sister was in hospital because she had depression and cutting herself and i was the one to gave her the letter) and guess what she told me(tell me if i was supposed to believe her)that someone had told her to treat us like that all these years so that our friend sees if we were true friends,and that in the end of the school year we were gonna dump her(that person was a teacher in our school) was i supposed to believe her???

Anyway one time she called me(with withheld)and we talked for a while(i didnt want to but i couldnt tell her that) but then for the rest of the summer she had been calling my sister because she knew that i definitely wanted to end all these but my sis couldnt tell her that…

So the thing is that now my sis wants to talk to her and i keep telling her that she shouldnt because the girl doesnt want us because she things of us like friends but because she has something to gain from our friendship(and thats true!!!)but she doesnt listen!!she doesnt believe me that what she said about our teacher is a lie(which i think it really is!!)so i am telling you all these because i need your help,tell me, what should i tell to my sister so that she wont want her anymore??(my sis now is weak because of her depression and everything and wants anyone to be her friend,she need it ,not want it,she feel alone and everything)but with all the wrong people(people who do drugs etc.thats what she wants and of course thats not right!!)

I want to help her because i love her so much(and i believe that she will get worse again if she starts hanging out with that girl,i am sure) but she doesnt listen to me!!I keep telling her to change number in her mobile phone but she doesnt want to because that girl will call her and wants to talk with her generally)

please tell me what to tell her!!!(even our mom agrees with me,she doesnt like the girl because she knew that we WEREN’T happy when we were hanging out with her) Please help me!!!!

P.S. Sorry for all this essay,i had to get it out of my mind because all these have been bugging me for all these months!!I hope you help me!!!
Thanks a lot for listening to me!!!

ask your self this are you afraid of her

i’m geussing your not anymore but i’d say your sister is

you just need to support her and and find hobbies /activitys that don’t put you in THE BULLY’S circle

you and your sister need a chat about all the friends ye had and see can ye get back in touch with them

you’ll be change school to college shortly so ye’ll be forced to make new friends but you’ll have an advantage you know what a bully is

so if anything this beast you for so long called a friend taught you something how to jugde character in a person

so chalk it up to experience move on and look on the bright side

ps tell your sis hi and hope she gets better