PLEASE HELP…personal finance questions.?

PLEASE HELP…personal finance questions.?
So I have to do essays on TWO of these four topics for my personal finance final tomorrow. PLEASE PLEASE help…I’m desperate.

1. Purchasing insurance is an important tool in financial planning. Analyze the different types of insurance and why it is a necessity in today’s society. Describe how insurance needs change throughout the life cycle and the types of insurance you will need upon exiting post secondary education.

2. Savings and Investments are vital to your financial plan. First compare savings and investments. Then, discuss the phenomenon of compounding interest and the relevancy to time value of money. You should also describe at least two different types of investment opportunities. Refer to the investment pyramid and the importance of using this tool in achieving your financial goals.

3. US News and World Report stated in 2007 that Despite the perception that credit card debt is a widespread problem on college campuses, recent survey data suggest that credit usage among studnets has been declining over the past decade. Analyze this statement and explain why you believe the research has shown this decline. In addition, describe 3 advantages and 3 disadvantages to credit and expand your essay by including secured and non secured credit.

4. The FTC reported that Identity theft continues to be a major problem in this country, with victims numbering in the millions each year and out of pocket losses (primarily to businesses) in the billions of dollars. Explain at least 3 ways identity theft occurs and how you can protect yourslef from becoming a victim as recommended by the FTC.

**Please don’t answer unless you’re sure. That being said, I need answers asap, please!!!
**I just need basic ideas and points to bring up on each of these essays. I would do it myself but I swear our teacher didn’t teach us ANY of this stuff.
PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE HELP. and thank you so much 🙂

Firstly, you really should be responsible for doing your own homework.

And then, you put out this question one day before the final?

Do you really expect people to do research for you for free and to do it all within one evening?

This does show a high degree of irresponsibility – do try not to live like this, it will not bring you success.

That said, my suggestion is to go for topics 2 & 4, they are the easiest.

As an example,

For topic 4, just Google ‘Identity theft”, and see what comes up. identity theft is done by stealing someones identity –

One way is to get them to reveal personal information, like a social security number, via a scam link or scam letter ( like many of the making-money scam links on this forum ), then use it to open a bank account, credit card, or line of credit.

Another is to intercept a credit card pre approved letter and fill it in with the scammer’s address, then go wild on it.

I will leave it to you to find the 3rd way. Go to the FTC website for the answer.

protecting yourself is easy – just avoid scam links and signing on for scam “jobs” or “money making” schemes. avoid giving your personal information to people, only give it out when you can absolutely trust the recipient. Destroy all Credit Card solicitations, bills, bank statements, and other confidential trash by using a cross-shredder.

never reveal your bank account numbers or PIN or SSN to strangers. If you get a phone call from someone purporting to be your bank or CC issuer, you hang up and call the company back – never give out info to the caller.