Please help revise/edit my essay on how to turn on a TV?

Please help revise/edit my essay on how to turn on a TV?
We had to write a how to essay on any topic for English. I wrote about how to turn on a TV. Please help me correct word choice and content. Thanks so much!

Are you bored? If so, you may be wondering what activity you could do to better waste your time. Let’s watch TV! Watching TV is simple, but turning it on can be quite difficult

I am not knocking your essay but i am very surprised most of the people on yahoo answers did not say something like “duh a remote of course” Why not forget about the t.v. theory and try this, Believe it or not most adults and elderly people do not know how to text on a cell phone- or that too much time is wasted by children playing video games- or what i have seen the most of here on yahoo answers is students having trouble with math that’s difficult. How ever if you want to do T.V. you may try this before the invention of remote controls people actually had to get up from their seats and turn on their television sets plus most of the t.v.s were in black and white and had tubes in the back. But what ever you choose make it interesting for your readers Good Luck on your paper.