Please help with my History essay on the Cold War?

Please help with my History essay on the Cold War?
I am doing an essay on the Cold War. I originally had two ideas for thesis’. I am not sure which to pick. They are
1. The Cold War was a unique war, it was different from any other war because (enter my 3 points here).
2. The Cold War was an inevitable war because of ( 3 points here).

I am not necessarily looking for the best topic, I am looking for the easier topic to research. I am an accounting major and therefore don’t particular care if I ace the course as is doesn’t count towards my major average.

Please let me know which topic you would choose (if you were me so to speak) and what 3 main points/arguments you would use.

Thank you in advance for help!!!!

I would go for the first one, and cover points like:

(1) The lack of open fighting between the key nations involved; focusing instead on ‘proxy wars’ where their forces would still be in combat but with a thin pretence of fighting on another country’s behalf, or other nations would fight with arms and technology provided by the superpowers (Korea, Vietnam, Afghanistan, attempted U.S. invasion of Cuba, south west Africa, the Middle East)

(2) The ‘arms race’ as a method of warfare or intimidation without open war being declared, culminating in the proposed ‘Star Wars’ program that the Russians gave up all hope of matching. (Although note that widely publicised arms races preceded some other wars, such as World War I, so this is not unique for the Cold War as such)

(3) The importance of political ideology in being the main motivating factor behind many nations’ and individuals’ involvement in the cold war

(4) The dominance of nuclear weapons in the strategic thinking of both sides, and the importance of the concept of Mutually Assured Destruction in keeping the war ‘Cold’