Please, help??

Please, help??
I really want to attend Brown University, Tufts University, or Dartmouth. But, I have a problem. Currently, I am in 9th grade, and had spine surgery in September for a slipped disk in my lower back. Well, I missed 2 months of school. I am usually a straight “A” student, but I got mostly B’s, my lowest being a b-. But, the classes I got in were honor’s classes. I don’t want my dream school to be gone because of my recovery, truest me this is a long and hard recovery. I can’t do any sports for a year, and I just joined key club last week because I was not able to attend, due to my recovery. Great! I think my unweighted GPA is around a 3.3, and weighted is 3.7. This is for my first two trimesters. I am doing much better now, on my last trimester, and so far all A’s.
I hope to bring my unweighted GPA to a 3.6, and weighted to a 4.0(if I get straight A’s this trimester).
Will the grades I had before affect my chances of getting into these schools?
Thanks for your help! =)

The key is to stay as busy as possible within your limits. Keep the GPA as high as possible and take as many advanced classes as you can manage. Don’t forget to add in some volunteer work, especially if you can’t handle sports. You’ve got time to pull up the GPA, but remember that colleges are going to pretty much only see your 9th-11th grade transcript grades when you first apply- so make those stand out as much as possible.

The great thing about college applications is that there is always a place for you to explain your situation. Colleges usually require an essay or two- and they usually have to do with volunteer work or things that have shaped your life. That’s a perfect opportunity to explain why your grades dropped. There’s also usually a section on the application itself asking aobut circumstances that would prevent you from working, volunteering, etc.