PLEASSEEE help with thesis statement?

PLEASSEEE help with thesis statement?
im in grade 9 andddd my teacher hates me for no reason, and helped everyone with their thesis statement for our 700-1000 word apa style essay worth 10% of our final grade, so i need someone to hellpp me 🙁 Im doing an essay on shanawdithit who was the last known beothuk to newfoundland and i dont know how to word it.

Your thesis statement should be the main claim of your paper. Essentially, it is the thing that you are arguing.

So in your intro, you set up the situation, and then you make your claim. I don’t know what you are arguing, so I can’t help you with anything specific to your topic, but your statement should reflect whatever you argue in your paper. It’s also good to have an “Although . . . [Claim] . . . Because” format. For example, if I were writing about the Exxon Valdez, I might say, “Although the incident was undoubtedly a tragedy, the oil spill in Prince William Sound may have also achieved some good because it drew nation-wide attention both to the inadequate precautions taken by the oil industry and to the vulnerability of nature.”

Finally, your claim should fit your paper. Don’t feel like you need a thesis statement before you write; it is fine (in fact, it is encouraged) to have a “working thesis statement” which you would change as you go.

And your teacher probably doesn’t hate you; I’m sure that if you asked her for help, she would help.