Postition Essay on Obesity?

Postition Essay on Obesity?
So for my college comp class I had to write an exploratory research essay and I wrote about the causes of obesity (lack of physical activity and eating habits combined). Now, I have to take a position on the topic of my previous paper and I’m not sure what exactly to write about… I need to be able to defend my position by refuting other positions.. Please help!!

Is their claims that obesity is inherited? I know many families that all seem to be obese and then you could say that the idea that obesity runs in the family is incorrect because obesity is caused by lifestyle choices. I once knew a girl who had her mom write a note claiming that running laps in PE was bad for her because she claimed that it hurt her sides which is all a part of exercise. Maybe you can find articles claiming that taking an interest in body looks could cause eating disorders like anorexia or bulimia. Maybe you could say how it may not be the fault of the child (considering the age). Working parents bring fast food home instead of cooking balanced meals or parents overindulge their children in sweets instead of making them eat healthy snacks. In this way, you can refute the idea that it is mainly the child’s fault and if they were not taught healthy eating habits by the adults that raised them, then they may not teach their family to take care of their physical body and may not be able to help themselves in adulthood. Hope these ideas help 🙂