Problem and solution Essay?

Problem and solution Essay?
What would make a good topic for a Problem and solution Essay??

Assignments like this often want you to write about your own experience. For example, the assignment expects you to write that some years ago you wanted an iPod, your parents said they would not give you money for one, so you saved money from babysitting until you could afford an iPod yourself. To make a complete essay, you could also tell that while you were saving for an iPod, you spent some money for a new sweater and realized you’d just delayed your iPod a few weeks.
If you don’t want to write something about yourself, look at current news in your state. Look for news how a local school district needed to hire more teachers but had no funds to do that, then your state won Race to the Top education funds from the federal government, and the district will have the funds to hire the teachers they need. You may find a story saying a police department needed a new cruiser and was able to get one when a drug dealer was sent to jail and his car was given to the police, or a bill got through your state legislature when two people from opposing parties agreed to vote for it, even after leaders thought the bill would never pass.