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“Unconditional Love”
Way too many we times throw around hate from person to person, but we never mean it. Don’t go through every day hating people, it will only bring you down. My story isn’t about a person that angered me, but my cat.
I would always think to myself, “Move cat, I am trying to do my work!” It seemed like she would always get in my way while I was trying to do something important. I would then push her off of my keyboard. I would be so frustrated at her for messing up what I was trying to type. Then she would plop down on my laptop & I would lose my patience once and for all; “Sassy!’” I would yell at her because of her sudden interest in resting on my computer. I would once again push her off, like I did so many times before. After repeating this a multitude of times she would eventually leave. I don’t hate her, I just dislike what she does.
A few weeks later she was diagnosed with leukemia. A week after that we took her to the vets to be euthanized. My mom asked if I wanted to hold her as they put her to sleep, I said “no”. When we were at home later on I remember telling my mom how I would sometimes ignore Sassy when she came to me to be loved, how she would come into my room & I would ignore her, and get agitated because she didn’t know when I was busy. I started crying because I was mean to her right before she died. My mom told me the reason she kept coming back (even though I would tell her to leave me alone) was because of her unconditional love for me. That made me smile and every time I think about that it makes me feel a little better.
After Sassy we got Nikki Rose. She also likes laying right in the middle of my writing assignment, but now I don’t get mad. Every time she does this, it reminds me of Sassy, and it is just ironic when you think of all the things they have in common. I don’t shove Nikki out of the way like Sassy. Even though Nikki will sometimes just sit on top of my key board, I will let her. Even though I may be left with a page full of letters from where her paw was.