Protein Synthesis??

Protein Synthesis??
Not saying I have to…… But If I were to write an A+ essay on Protein Synthesis.. What things might I include???

What does Protein Synthesis do??

Most of all.. What is Protein Synthesis?

You would need to explain the process of protein synthesis from DNA to RNA to Protein. Possibly include any problems that occur in protein synthesis e.g. mutations of genes required for components of the synthetic machinery. You could also include the different mechanism that exist in the 3 domains of life: that is eukaryotes prokaryotes and archaea, they have 3 different mechanism although there are similarities between them.

I don’t know what level you are studying at but always reference textbooks from which you have taken any information and also if you can find one you can understand and use reference a scientific paper.

Use google and google scholar plus get your hands on a couple of decent tectbooks and get reading. The more you understand the more the marker will realise you know what you are talking about and that is the most important thing.