Question about how to structure college essay?

Question about how to structure college essay?
I have no idea how to go about this. For my interrogation/interview class i have to find a news article/mag article or Video about anything that has to do with the interrogation/interview process. then I have to relate it to the material covered in class.

I have no idea why I’m kind of stuck… but what do I exactly say when i’m just relating what I learned in class? It just seems kinda stupid saying “Oh i know detectives do this because I learned that in class.”

You could have a thesis statement like this:

The detectives in the video put into practice 3 important interrogation techniques that were covered in class.

The first technique put into practice by the detectives was to give the suspect a comfy chair. (elaborate on this tactic and draw the example out enough to make a paragraph)…

In addition to the comfy chair, a second technique discussed in class that was put into practice by the detectives in the video was to wait for the interviewee to complain that he didn’t expect the Spanish Inquisition. At that point, the detective jumped out, announcing “NO ONE expects the Spanish Inquisition!”…

A third technique discussed in class and practiced by the detectives was…
– or –
A technique covered in class that the detectives in the video did NOT use was poking the interviewee with a soft cushion. (Draw you remarks out to make a paragraph.)

You can make your essay sound more mature by saying
“a technique discussed in class” or “covered in class”
rather than
“a technique I learned in class” or “that we discussed in class”