Question about The American Dream?

Question about The American Dream?
I’m doing an essay that is trying to prove that the unifiying symbol of american is that pursuit of the American dream can be found in american literature. These are my 3 arguements:
1. Something is always lost or given up.
2. The outcome is either failure or a better life.
3. Life changing events occur along the way.

Are these good arguements? if not what do you think i should use?

Perhaps the definition of “the American Dream” differs greatly among the public, especially on a personal level, that makes it difficult to answer. While agreeing with Ryunkin as to his historical perspective on the topic, I do find it difficult to concur on the final analysis made.

While something is lost or given up to become successful (one of my requisites to the American Dream), often times it one must relinquish time spent with family. Thus your #1 would be a good argument.

Then your #2 is definitely true and a good argument, as in any venture you either succeed or you fail and far all too often the latter is the common outcome. However, those who become successful often do so after failure yet determination to succeed allows them to correct their previous errors.

However, it is your number 3 argument that I cannot concur with totally, for this is not always true every time. Although, as one does become more successful there are some rewards to be reaped along the way which are not “life changing” in themselves but they do make it more comfortable. The major “life changing” event occurs when one at the end.

Being successful or having reached the American Dream is all a matter of perspective as with Donald Trump, Bill Gates, etc. as even as wealthy and successful as each is, they do not feel that they are so as often times have not reached their original goals.