Question on how to construct conclusion of essay? (The Joy Luck Club)?

Question on how to construct conclusion of essay? (The Joy Luck Club)?
The essay is on The Joy Luck Club’s universality and how it personally relates to you. I’ve written the intro (what universality is and how ___, ___, and ___ personally relate to me), and the body paragraphs, but I’m not sure how to conclude it. I know I ‘ave to restate the thesis, the definition of universality, in the concluding paragraph but I’m not sure how. Any ideas?

Here’s what I’ve got so far if you want to know >.>

These experiences I’ve related, I wouldn’t necessarily call extraordinary, they’re not, but I feel as I were in their shoes once, too. That somewhere along the line you can relate to even an everyday occurrence or something far more subtle, that it’s tuppence for anyone to find their meaning in the novel. The Joy Luck Club characters aren’t as fictional as we think them to be. That for someone else, The Joy Luck Club is far more real, that somewhere, along the universe, someone has been through it.

Ah… >.> My poor, poor excuse of a conclusion.


You are doing alright, because you knew this needed editing. Good. First of all, you’ll have to stick with one type of noun as the “speaker” here.
In the rest of your essay, did you always refer to yourself, saying “I”? Did you say “we”? (which is often the safest way)…or did you say “you”? You will want them to all match up for easy reading and good writing. That’s a pretty easy fix.

And to tell you the truth, I think this conclusion you posted is merely suffering from a bit of overkill. I think that all you need are the last two sentences, which may be happier if they were three sentences.

You don’t need the word “That” in front of your last sentence, for example (it’s usually not needed), and that last sentence is the one that could be two sentences. You’ll figure it out, I have faith in you.
Luck– (joy)