Question on the movie Into The Wild?

Question on the movie Into The Wild?
Okay so I’m writing an essay on into the wild, and have a question. In the film, the old guy named Ron says to him, “But when you forgive, you love. And when you love, God’s light shines through you.” Right after he finishes the sentence, the sun comes through the clouds and shines down on them brightly. At the end of the film, in his final moments, he imagines himself running into his parents arms. As this happens, he stares up at the sky and sees the sun shining on him brightly, right as his heart stops beating. Does this mean that he forgives his parents in his final moments? He realizes that happiness is only real when shared, forgives them, and god’s light shines on him? Or is the sun shining just a coincidence, and used for a dramatic ending?

Please help me out.. I don’t want to write this in the essay, if that’s not the actual meaning of the ending. Thanks!

I think you gave a good interpretation of the ending when you wrote that he forgave his parents and realized that “happiness is only real when shared” which was Chris’ last written sentence.

It’s really up to each individual to interpret what the sunlight meant. There’s no right or wrong interpretation on that part. That’s the reason professional film critcs have different ratings of films. Each one sees it through the lens of their own experience and beliefs. You can choose your own ideas about the sunlight and you’ll be okay.