Questions about our youth, For an essay I am writing?

Questions about our youth, For an essay I am writing?
Questions about our youth, For an essay I am writing?
How does today’s youth surrounded by media such as cellphones, explicit video games, movies, and tv shows affect the way children grow up and see life?

How does it differ from the time when you grew up?
How is media taking affect on these kids..

Write in your own words, thoughts, and examples

Thank you to anyone who participated 🙂

Goodness, how long is your essay? I did a whole paper on this at University.. I’m not sure how you can compact that all into one essay!

Cellphones and the internet give teens more ways of communicating. It gives us a way of being confidential and voicing our opinions.
Movies and tv shows can often provide scripts for how we live our life. So if you see someone in a tv show or movie acting a certain way in a positive light (rewarded for doing something) then teens are more likely to carry that out in real life.
A lot of teens are aware of explicit video games, music videos etc. A lot of them are taking it with a grain of salt.
Violent video games don’t cause violence, but if someone has a violent predisposition then they’re more likely to become violent after playing.

One big thing if I was you, I’d focus on modeling. How teens watch tv, movies, videos, see advertising and this models they way they act, behave, think and feel.

I hope that helps. If you’ve got any more questions I’m happy to give you some more help.

RANDOM BOY- It’s people like you who are uneducated and have no idea what-so-ever. Millennials (those who in the youth-young adult age group) are smart and thoughtful. We’re not dependent on technology, but use it to help further ourselves and others. Just because there are a few people out there that ruin it for the rest of the teens out here who are doing a good job, doesn’t mean we’re all like that. Maybe you should actually get to know some young people rather than just reading the news paper, we all know what sort of news sells…