Questions about the SAT? Taking it tomorrow!!?

Questions about the SAT? Taking it tomorrow!!?
so im taking the sat tomorrow, and i was wondering…
is there anything you cant write about for the essay? like, could i write about a cartoon, for example?
how many/how long are the breaks?
can i use a graphing calculator?
any other tips? besides “sleep enough, do practice questions…”
thank you 🙂

I am taking it tomorrow as well. In the essay, you can write about a cartoon as long as it relates back to the topic. Breaks are about 3 minutes between sections and you have about 2 15 minute breaks. Graphing calculator is recommended for the test (quicker solving).

Hmmm I have only took the SAT once before. I was nervous at first… but once you sit down in your testing area, the butterflies will vanish. Apply all the knowledge you have learned throughout your schooling and just try your best. Don’t let time slip up on you. Skip the section you know you will have trouble with and just go back to it toward the end.

Math is simple and easy. No stressing that.

Time flys … trust me… 5 hours goes by before you know it.

Oh and on the essay… a perfect essay only has 3 paragraphs. Like usually teachers teach you about 1 intro, 3 body, and 1 conclusion. What I would do is write the intro and work on perfecting the body until the 5 minute warning begins. Then start the conclusion (should be 2-3 sentences).

Good luck and pray for me tomorrow…. 😛