Questions regarding the ACT?

Questions regarding the ACT?
My mom signed me up to take the ACT on saturday but…well, i’ve never heard of it. In school they only tell us to do the SAT, which i’ve taken a couple of times and done fairly well on. But i have no idea what is on the ACT or how long it takes or anything at all about it and i have not studied at all. Can someone give me some tips?

The ACT will take all morning (about the same time as SAT).

There are 4 sections:English (no essay), Reading, Math, Science

You do not get penalized for wrong answers like on the SAT, so make sure you answer all the questions.

Studying probably won’t do much good. You might look over some math formulas to refresh your memory, but that’s about it.

The science test is mostly about reading a description of an experiment and looking at the charts/graphs and drawing conclusions. The reading, English and math sections are similar to the SAT, so if you did well there, you should be fine.

Each section of the ACT is scored out of 35, then they average your four scores for a composite (also out of 35). Most colleges are looking for something in the mid-20s, but each college has its own requirements.