Quote meaning for a critical lens essay?

Quote meaning for a critical lens essay?
I am writing a critical lens essay tomorrow on the Island of Dr. Moreau book and the movie, the Island. The Quote is “… a man is responsible for his choice and must accept the consequences, whatever they may be” What do you think this means?

Some choices we make are easy because there’s no conflict. Do I go to the movies or study for my final? You know the right decision.

But what about a decision to murder a dangerous person? Killing is against everything you believe, against your very being. But this man is evil to the core, has directly and indirectly tortured and slaughtered thousands; he will continue to do so.

You’ve investigated the situation, and he’s least protected and most vulnerable when spending time with his lover. It would be cold-blooded murder.

There’s the conflict. You have the ability and opportunity to murder him, but it means acting against all you believe in.

OR! What about Einstein? His Theory of Relativity (E = mc-squared) made it possible to create a bomb destructive beyond anything we know. Einstein had nothing to do with making the bomb, but it sickened him that his scientific discovery made it possible for others to do so. It was beyond his control, yet he had to live with knowing that.